>> My Background

How did an avowed sports nut become the right guy to be your direct marketing partner? It all began with some good scores on the math portion of the SAT exam. From there, I discovered my inner marketing geek at The George Washington University where I also broadcast basketball games for three years on the campus radio station. In my spare time, I earned a B.A. and an M.B.A. degree in marketing.

Eventually, my two avid interests managing sports events and marketing merged when I became involved in managing a recreational national grass roots tennis tournament. In addition to working with great people on an event that was for a worthwhile charity, what I loved most about this experience was the shear measurability of it all. This program spanned fifty U.S. markets and each year, it was easy to see, market by market, how direct mail and/or telemarketing served to drive sales and raise funds. Of course in those days, e-mail wasn't around but direct marketing practices captured my imagination. I became adept at driving measurable results using targeted lists. In short, I saw firsthand the type of impact direct marketing could truly have.

I also spent some time in the advertising and graphic design industries where list buying was among my responsibilities. Quickly, I learned that: a) there's a list out there for almost everything and b) there is an art and a science to making the best use of a list. I discovered seemingly countless numbers of ways to test lists, and I made it a point to learn as much as I could about segmenting, testing, and analyzing response data. Those print ads I worked on looked pretty, but this direct marketing list business, now, this was fascinating.

We provide data, lists and related services to organizations such as Time Warner Cable, the University of Maryland University College, and Ryan Homes, to a number of national and regional associations and non-profit organizations, to mail houses, printers, and ad agencies, to a wide variety of small, independently owned businesses. I take great pride in providing friendly, professional, and highly responsive service to each of our customers.

One of our oldest clients had initially expressed some reservations when asked whether we could work with them, indicating that they had worked with list brokers in the past who always managed to overcharge and under-deliver. I persisted and asked to be awarded one direct mail campaign. The results were impressive. Sixteen plus years later, the techniques may have changed but that client remains an outstanding customer who is experiencing positive results with data obtained from Mailing Lists, Inc.

I hope you will contact me to discuss your next direct marketing project or campaign. We hope to become your trusted direct marketing data and list partner.

At Mailing Lists, Inc., we realize above all else that our success is distinctly tied to that of our clients.

  What Our Clients Are Saying

Adam and Mailing Lists have been invaluable to us over the six years we've been working with him. In addition to providing great pricing, his extensive knowledge of the industry has provided us whole new avenues for data that we had never thought of and made our applications and efforts much better. He also has a great talent for handling those rush orders with good humor and aplomb.
Rich Farrill,
BSS Commercial Development Manager, Time Warner Cable