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If you are looking for a new method to reach qualified prospects or one which will effectively complement your other direct marketing tactics, then online advertising is a channel worth considering.  And, through the use of IP targeting, your online ads will be seen solely by those individuals within your target audience.

The former model for online advertising worked much like placing an ad in a magazine.   If you’re target audience was a specific industry group, you would run ads at a site that you’d hope would attract this group.  There was no control over who visited this site so if someone outside of your target audience saw your ad, this counted as an impression, the same as when someone within the target audience saw your ad.  Subsequently, wasted impressions were a part of virtually any online campaign.

The problem of waste has been eliminated through the use of IP targeting.  When targeting businesses, parameters are established as is the case with any direct marketing campaign.  Any names which meet these established parameters are then matched against a proprietary database of IP addresses.  What this means is that your ad isn’t purchased on a specific website but instead is shown on any website that your prospect is visiting.  In other words, your ad is always reaching the right person regardless of which websites they visit.  When targeting consumers, we can take any targeted list of names and mailing addresses (your prospects, an external list or lists you may rent, etc.) and match these mailing addresses to IP addresses.  Once accomplished, your ads will again be shown exclusively to the names of your prospects, regardless of the website they are visiting and without any waste.

Retargeting represents another form of online advertising we can assist with.  Here, the IP address of any individual who has visited your website (but who hasn’t made a purchase) would be exposed to your ads.  This is an effective means to convert hesitant purchasers into actual ones.

To the targeted prospect who does not respond to your direct mail or e-mail campaign, or to the individual who was interested enough to visit your website yet has not made a purchase, online advertising represents another vitally important means to generate responses, and subsequently, profits.

Let me help you with your decision for advertising online. Call Adam Van Wye today, (301) 294-7450 or email me now, adam@mailinglistsinc.com.

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My experience working with Mailing Lists, Inc. has been excellent. Adam Van Wye understands my direct marketing needs and he is very helpful when it comes to making suggestions on the most appropriate lists to use. Additionally, I can always depend on a quick response and fast delivery.
Wanda L. Matthews,
Assistant Marketing Manager, Books, American Psychological Association

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