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  • The Membership Director is interested in acquiring new members.  She needs a highly qualified and targeted list, perhaps more than one.
  • The executive in charge of a major national association conference feels that decision-makers at certain peripheral industry groups would likely be interested in attending.  Plus, non-members within their own industry should also be invited.  He needs a responsive direct marketing list.
  • The Director of Marketing oversees product sales and is convinced that many of their continuing education courses and publications would be of great interest to individuals outside of their own membership.  A proven list of direct response buyers would be ideal.
  • The Development Director for a nonprofit organization has specific goals in increasing both numbers of individual donors as well as average donation size.  Targeting past donors to comparable organizations based on a minimal donation amount makes perfect sense.

Mailing Lists, Inc. can assist with all of the above.  We are able to provide associations and nonprofit organizations with the highest quality data for direct mail, e-mail, telemarketing and/or mobile marketing campaigns.  Additionally, we can clean and update your internal lists, as well as append important data, including e-mail addresses, to these files as well. 

Let us know your goals, objectives and who your ideal target audiences are.  We’ll recommend the best possible lists that meet your criteria.  Or, in those rare instances where we can’t find exactly what you are seeking, we’ll let you know how close we can get.  Please fill out our request form, e-mail Adam Van Wye at adam@mailinglistsinc.com, or call him at (301) 294-7450 today.

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  What Our Clients Are Saying�

My experience working with Mailing Lists, Inc. has been excellent. Adam Van Wye understands my direct marketing needs and he is very helpful when it comes to making suggestions on the most appropriate lists to use. Additionally, I can always depend on a quick response and fast delivery.
Wanda L. Matthews,
Assistant Marketing Manager, Books, American Psychological Association

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