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  • A local hospital is holding a community event and needs a list within a 20 mile radius of households with children aged 3-12 and with estimated household income of $50,000+.
  • A medical supply company seeks a self-reported list of individuals with specific ailments.
  • A retirement community is hoping to reach verified homeowners aged 65+ with a length of residence of at least ten years within certain zip codes.
  • An assisted living facility wants to reach elderly parents who are living with their adult child within several counties.
  • A dentist wants to reach new movers to several local zip codes.  However, she wants to make sure that these names moved from outside the area, and that new names may be delivered to her on a monthly basis.
  • A general physician wants to reach every residential address within a given zip code.  He would then like to add any other residence within a three mile radius from his office.

Mailing Lists, Inc. answers “Yes” to all of the above.  We are able to provide healthcare and senior marketers with the highest quality data for direct mail, e-mail, telemarketing and/or mobile marketing campaigns.  We absolutely will not rent, license or sell any data which violate HIPPA privacy laws. 

Let us know who your ideal target audience is.  We’ll let you know the number of available names who meet your criteria.  Or, in those rare instances where we can’t find exactly what you are seeking, we’ll let you know how close we can get.  Please fill out our request form, e-mail Adam Van Wye at adam@mailinglistsinc.com, or call him at (301) 294-7450 today.



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My experience working with Mailing Lists, Inc. has been excellent. Adam Van Wye understands my direct marketing needs and he is very helpful when it comes to making suggestions on the most appropriate lists to use. Additionally, I can always depend on a quick response and fast delivery.
Wanda L. Matthews,
Assistant Marketing Manager, Books, American Psychological Association

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